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Some Good News. [Sep. 19th, 2006|06:07 pm]
look for the union label
This comes from the Communication Workers of America.

AT&T Agrees to Return Contracted Tech Support Work

September 15, 2006

CWA reached a new agreement with AT&T to return Internet/DSL support work to the CWA bargaining unit, which potentially could create 2,000 new union jobs. This work currently is being contracted out both within the United States and overseas.

Beginning next year, more than 800 new jobs will come under CWA representation, with more to be returned to the U.S. from foreign call centers starting sometime later in the year.

"Reversing the flow of work from contractors back to our bargaining units is a terrific achievement," said CWA Executive Vice President Jeff Rechenbach. "We're also pleased that the wages and benefits we've negotiated, in addition to being superior to those in the industry, will provide a base for CWA to build career opportunities for even more workers," he said.

CWA and AT&T negotiated the wage rate, benefits and job duties for the new position of Tier 1 customer assistant as part of the 2005 National Internet Contract. That contract expires July 21, 2007

The agreement does not change any of the work performed by CWA-represented customer service representatives under the core contract. Job duties under the new customer assistant title include first tier customer care services — related to customer registration, e-mail creation, DSL line signal testing, modem/filter assistance and e-mail, browser and modem troubleshooting.

[User Picture]From: red_pen_theory
2006-09-20 06:49 am (UTC)
it's good to hear outsourced jobs are coming back to the US, more so that they're unionized.
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